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Long Arm Quilting Service

I offer two levels of quilting service, both of which are worked freehand.  There is no computer attached to my Innova long arm.

Edge to Edge quilting

Whether you choose freehand designs or hand-guided pantograph, your quilt will always be quilted right to the edges in a repeated design.

Custom quilting 

Specific designs which are chosen to enhance the overall quilt design.  

Pricing is calculated per square yard, the cost of which is dependent on the design you choose 

Simple all-over (swirls, stipple, loops and similar designs) £22/sq yd
Complex patterns (more dense and heavier quilting) £24/sq yd
All-over feathers (a lot more thread and time) £26.00/sq yd

For example, the pricing for an all-over design would be calculated like this:


Top size of 60" x 80"  

60 x 80/1296 x 22 = £81.48

Custom quilting is charged by the hour at £25 per hour. The average small double quilt takes between10 - 12 hours, depending on the intricacy of the quilting.

There is a minimum charge of £50 for quilting, no matter the size of the quilt.


Making and attaching binding is £1 per linear foot.


There is an additional charge of £1 per linear foot should I be commissioned to hand stitch the binding down. 

Quilt Preparation 


You will need to stay stitch about 1/8" - 1/4" around the whole top to secure all the seams to prevent them coming apart and stretching.

If you have a pieced back, you will need to stay stitch this over the seams at the edges.  If this is not done, there will be a charge of £5 per top/back that requires stitching.

You don't need to baste your layers. It is loaded onto separate rollers on my long arm and stretched to keep it flat and square. 

Please make sure your top is square, free from all loose threads, and well pressed.  You may be charged extra for time required to do this for you.


Please indicate the top of your quilt and/or backing.  A pinned piece of paper to indicate this is sufficient.

The backing fabric needs to be at least 4" bigger than the quilt top on all sides. If you can, please leave the outer selvedges on, as it can help with strength and squaring up.  If you have a pieced back, selvedges should be removed for piecing, a 1/2" seam allowance is recommended for pieced backs. Pieced backs should have seams going horizontally (not vertically).

If you have a very short deadline that you absolutely cannot miss which requires me to work excessively outside of my other deadlines, I may charge a Priority Service Fee of £50 in addition to the quilting charges.   This will only be charged if absolutely necessary.

Please feel free to ask as many questions as you feel are necessary.  If you need inspiration on quilting designs, let me know.   Please be aware that all the quilting I do is free hand.  

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